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 Conversations with Julia help clients to examine their lives, make discoveries and decisions by realigning with their intentions, preferences and values. 

“What do you want more of?  What do you want less of?” are crucial orienting questions.


People often feel compelled to figure out “Why” people do what they do, yet this pursuit may not lead to verifiable answers.  And sometimes an origin story makes people feel fated, or trapped.


“What now?” “What is the next right thing?” “Are we focusing on the right topic?” help clarify the next right step.


“How does that make you feel?” is not as common a question for Julia.  Solely focusing on feelings is an unreliable path for progress. Feelings are important, and so are thoughts and values.


After a fight Julia might ask “You were willing to fight, to stand up for something, something that wasn’t happening, something important to you, what was it, that was missing?” 


People usually say, "I just didn't want x ! " and X=nagging, criticism, But people don't want the same things for many different reasons.

"I want cleanliness so that we can make our hectic mornings go easier." 

"I want cleanliness because I want to teach our children to clean up after themselves, it's about good citizenship."


Getting clear on what is important removes opposition. The partner who wants to leave dishes overnight  isn't opposed to valuing ease. They might be valuing sleep. 


Finding the values, away from the "shoulds" guides the conversation to shared visions rather than focusing on supposed conflict.


What clients say about Julia ... 

" She is bold, fearless, asks all of the right questions, and can travel into dark places that others are too afraid to go. She can help save your relationship, and love is always worth saving. "

"Julia is a gem. I saw her for about two years and she helped me through a very tough time with humor, warmth and kindness. She isn't one of those therapists who just sits there and repeats everything you say to her, she's actually engaged, opinionated and helpful."
" Julia Wallace is the ONLY therapist I have ever worked with who really spoke my language. She was direct, engaging, compassionate, and funny, and just unorthodox enough to keep me on my toes.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. "
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