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Our intensive weekends cultivate connection and build resolution. Away from daily life, in a careful process, families and couples efficiently create solutions, become unstuck and gain clarity about the future.

Immersives are two to four day intensive therapeutic sessions that typically take place in a retreat setting, though they can be offered within the home. Julia offers therapeutic immersives both individually and in collaboration with other therapists.


Bespoke to each family, immersives typically include individual and group times with the therapists, with both open ended therapy and guided experiences.  Some families choose to include music, photos, time for reminiscing, yoga, meditation or playfulness, though some families prefer a more traditional therapeutic approach. 

You may be interested in an immersive if you are a couple who travel for work frequently are not able to attend weekly therapy together.


You may be interested in an immersive if you feel an issue in your life needs a deep dive and you prefer the efficiency of a 2-4 day immersive.

Please contact me directly for rates, availability and further details. 

Immersives work for ...

Couples in Pain

  • Couples considering divorce-- see discernment therapy

  • Couples facing infidelity

  • Couples in crisis

Couples in Transition

  • Becoming empty nesters

  • Planning for retirement and old age

  • Couples facing large work/life decisions


  • For extended families or couples looking to add a deepening to a vacation or retreat through narrative therapy


  • Parents and adult children wishing to repair or create a better relationship

  • Creating positive transitions as young adult children move into independence-- including helping to structure healthy financial systems

  • Family decisions about how to care for aging parents

  • Families, in business together,  detangling business choices from the familial and historic 

Immersive Coaches:

Most immersives have one or two professionals. 


With Julia Wallace, LCSW

Read more about me here and my approach here.

License: 25077 (CA)

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With Elijah Nella, LMFT

Read more about Elijah here and his approach here

License: 85401(CA)  001313 (NY)

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With Jyotsna Uppal, PHD

Read more about Jyotsna here and her approach here.

PHD from Columbia University

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