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As you navigate this wilderness it is helpful to have an experienced hiking partner. 

Sometimes everything is fine and yet...

In either place, you may feel lost.
Sometimes things fall apart


and Coaching 

with Julia Wallace, LCSW

Julia is an experienced therapist, couples counselor and coach who provides innovative, informed and interactive therapy. 

" With Julia, I feel heard, understood and most importantly, she has given me a lot of really practical strategies that I can use when I'm feeling overwhelmed or when self-doubt sets in. She listens to my values and what I say is important to me and helps me live those values, which I think is hugely important." 
"Julia is a gem. I saw her for about two years and she helped me through a very tough time with humor, warmth and kindness. She isn't one of those therapists who just sits there and repeats everything you say to her, she's actually engaged, opinionated and helpful."
"My partner and I have seen Julia for couples counseling, and our experience working with Julia was transformative. Julia taught us tangible skills, and we always felt safe being ourselves with her. We are so grateful for her support, and highly recommend Julia as a therapist"

Julia offers:

In-person San Francisco Sessions    
Telehealth Sessions 
Home Visits  


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