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Timelines and Fees

The Process

Weekly Therapy

Julia offers sessions twice a week, once a week, and every other week. She does not offer monthly therapy. She asks that new clients start with six weekly sessions. 

Treating the Whole Family

The more the merrier! Better results are achieved when everyone participates. Julia works with entire families, extended families, and even friends. This involves a mix of individual sessions and group sessions. Read more here 

One Session Goal

Single session to help couples and individuals come to important decisions quickly. Examples include emergency medical decisions or decisions to make an offer on a home.


A series of focused sessions that are both longer in duration and more frequent, employed in order to accelerate progress and tackle major issues. 

For Therapists

Julia offers consultations and mentoring for associates on how to integrate narrative therapy into their private practice. Read more here.


For couples or families. Usually, 2 or 3 days in a location other than San Francisco. Can be in the home of the couple/family. Read more about immersives here.

53 minute session for individuals is $300

80 minute session for couples is $420

80 minute sessions are significantly better for couples, leading to more efficient and effective results.


HSA cards are accepted. Superbills are provided roughly once a month.  Julia does not accept insurance.


Julia has a 48 hour cancellation policy. Please use the online scheduler to cancel.  If you miss the 48 hour cut off, text or email Julia's admin at as soon as possible.

Individual clients often work with Julia when seeking positive change in their lives or understanding about past.  





Appointment Calendar

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