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ADHD Group Therapy

ADHD Couples and Individual Groups

Whether you're new to the diagnosis of ADHD, or if you've been figuring it out for a while, you know that treating ADHD isn't simple. Medication can’t solve executive function challenges, couples communication troubles, and the list goes on. Treating our own ADHD is an enormous, sometimes overwhelming task, involving a mix of professional advice and getting tips and tricks from other folks with ADHD. However, social media postings about ADHD “hacks” or about “dopamine” are not all trustworthy. 

Seeing me individually for ADHD therapy is very helpful but also cost prohibitive for many.  Further, it’s helpful to learn from a group. That’s why I am starting 2 groups:

  • Couples-- where one or both have ADHD. One or both members can attend. This group starts together and runs 4 sessions.

  • Adult Individuals- This is an ongoing group. 

  • Cost TBD- $300 for 4 sessions.  Less cost if more than 5 people sign up. Capped at 12 people.

When works for you?

Once there are enough people interested then we can find a time that works for the majority.

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